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By clicking "Accept All Cookies", closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. The price is not worth the poor quality of the food. Below the quality you will expect for what you paid — When we went in on Sat. We decided to sit in the bar area but there was no designated server in the bar area.

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Before I went in, I thought it is same class as Manny's or Kincaid's but it turned out to be worst than Applebee. Overall experience was poor. Oysters, Birdbath size martini's and great service! He described the food perfectly and knew when to leave us be. All around classic service you would find in NYC! Everyone was nice and we will be sure to come back for our next girls night out! Falls short of other steakhouses in town — Went here on Valentine's Day with my girlfriend and was, to put it mildly, disappointed.

The food was good but the service was mediocre at best. We had reservations at We arrived at about and went to the bar, and we were told that we might even be seated early. I walked back to the front and apparently they forgot about us. There were open tables nearby but we were placed at a two-person table right next to the wait staff station, where we heard various wait staff grumbling to each other.

At one point, they hauled a bag of garbage right by our table. Hardly appetizing. Felt like they pulled a bait and switch tactic because the first thing the waiter told us was that the ounce ribeye was sold out, forcing me to choose a more expensive, too-large ounce ribeye. The steak and potatoes and drinks were fine, but in the end, this place falls short of Manny's, Capital Grille, Murray's and the other good steakhouses in town. The cost will be the same, but the service and experience and atmosphere will be twice as good! Plenty of open tables when we got there but the restaurant was full by the time we left.

On line they mention pastas but to the disappointment of a veggie member of our group there was none on the menu. Waiter informed us the chef could make up a veggie pasta dish for her. However the veggie pasta was disappointing. Very little vegetables and not very tasty. Waiter gave her a free desert to help make up for it. Two of us ordered the 14 oz Rib Eyes with a mushroom gravy and they were excellent.

The fourth member of our group enjoyed the crab legs. Menu is a la carte, so we ordered a side of green beans and our friends an order of mashed potatoes. Both were excellent. The service was very good. Waiter was excellent. Both couples had picked up dining deals coupons that we intended to use. We were informed that we could only use one of them per table.

So be it, our fault for not noticing this and selecting the coupons in the first place but this upsets me. I guess we could have sat at adjoining tables and each used our coupon? What difference does it make?

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

They got our money this time, but not a fan. No Go! Glutton for punishment? I've never left a place feeling more frustrated. Not only did the ridiculous bartender, who was supposedly serving our table, berate my colleagues, he threatened not to serve me - not because I had too much to drink - because I questioned him when he demanded that I remove my id from my wallet window so he could purportedly check the back. If that wasn't enough, there was a shift change and the server who took over was clearly overwhelmed and continuously complained about how hard it was to take care of our large group.

Finally, the wait for both food, drinks and tabs was entirely unacceptable. The waitress accused another member of our party of not paying her portion she did - in fact, someone else at our table gave her change! There are so many options for beer and basic appetizers, I would strongly suggest you choose another place Service is unacceptably slow — Whether for lunch or dinner, large party or small, my experience has been that your food will not be arriving any time soon nor will the modest size loaf of bread.

For average food and higher range prices, you would expect better especially on a visibly slow night. Pampered and Perfect Birthday — A very fun and relaxing evening celebrating a birthday during the week. Very attentive, friendly, knowlegeable, but not annoying waiter who treated us with a great experience-ask for Chad's area. The food was what they're known for; seafood; with the ahi tuna filling up two of us that had split it, the shrimp cocktail was a bit dry but great with the cocktail sauce.

Drinks were good size but expensive. Chad brought out a huge baked alaska with pumpkin ice cream for the b-day treat and it was delicious. The hostesses, waiters, helpers were charming us from the minute we stepped into the restaurant. It was a special eating event.

I was disappointed that there wasn't alot of diners and hope that isn't a bad sign especially since Manny's left. What's all the fuss about??? Found bones in my fish. I don't know if he's the owner or the manager but this guy Steve was rude, rude, rude! Best Sea food in town Hands Down — By far my favorite restaurant in town. I truly have never had a bad dish at this restaurant. Service Is always good. Great bar drinks also. Delicious and Wonderful! I got the tournedos florentine and it was very delicious. The staff was nice from the host to my waitress and other waitstaff that I saw around the restaurant.

The manager genuinely asked me how I was doing and I thought that was nice. I hate places where the manager goes around to all tables like a robot. The restaurant was very comfortable, nice lighting, great for a romantic date or just to have really good food and a good conversation. I recommend this restaurant! The best service! The reservationist was kind and accomidating over the phone. When it came to ordering, our waiter, Kevin, was incredibly helpful and took the time to explain the menu and made fabulous recommendations.

In our case, we were celebrating a special event and they made sure we were being well taken care of. Thanks for a great meal and a great night! I've been here 3 times for dinner, and I think it is acceptable but certainly not remarkable in any way. My opinion is that you are being served food of comparable quality to Applebees or TGIFridays in a nicer environment. Towards that end I personally think that steaks at Outback or Timberlodge are more enjoyable.

I've found the service to be a bit slow at times but acceptable. The ambience is definitely a step up from the places I've mentioned with one glaring fault - coat hooks all over the dining area. If you look across the restaurant in the cooler months, it's hard to appreciate the semi-decent wood decor because there are coats hanging from every flat surface. And really, since the decor and location are the only thing in this restaurant's favor, that negates the one thing this restaurant has going for it. A previous reviewer listed parking as a con.

They do have free validate parking with the parking ramp in the same building. Fabulous food, even better service! My sweetie reported her steak to be the the best she's had in the Twin Cities and my swordfish was also excellent. I truly don't think I've ever had service that compares. Our server's recommendations were honest and spot-on, he was professional without being pretentious, and overall just an awesome guy who is awesome at his job. We regret not remembering his name. But no problem, we'll look for him when we return which will be soon!

Good Steaks — Great food and service. Had a dinner reservation at on a Friday. Had no problem getting seated early. No complaints about the food. We had the calamari as an appetizer, my spouse had the Medallions of Fillet? The steaks were cooked to perfection medium rare. The sides are easily large enough for two people. The prices were what I would expect for a place like this. Overall a great experience? Pretty good, but not awesome — We went to the Oceanaire for a special event - a group of six of us.

Expecting to pay a good price, and get a phenomenal meal and dining experience. However, the evening was disappointing. The food, service and ambiance all were just fine, but when you invest that kind of money for a night out, you should expect to be wowed, blown away, totally impressed.

We were not wowed, only satisfied. The seafood was not twice as good, the service and atmosphere not two times better than other eateries we could have gone to. I can? Overall good place — My wife and I went to this restaurant because we heard great things about it all over the place. When we got there the place was packed!

About 5-8 Club

I understand the biz. When you have a packed restaurant you make lots of money, but working my way through a crowd is not my idea of a fine dining experence. We had to wait half an hour for our table, dispite reservations. This also annoyed me. Staff was friendly and service was impressive. I was shocked at the price of drinks in a bad way. The food was good. Menue was not what I expected.

A lot of fish and not much of anything else. Menue was pricy but not too bad. Best crab cakes I have ever had. Our food was good, and came in decent portions. All in all I think the place is a bit overrated, but good. It did not live up to the hype it gets by any means. I would go here again over a restaurant like Red Lobster, if I were in the mood for seafood. Outstanding service — Hands down- the best crab cakes in Minnesota! I came to the oceanaire for a business dinner with five guys from the east coast, jetlegged wanting seafood. Service was impeccable, from the check backs to the honest smiles of the staff and management.

I suggest requesting the captains list if you want a better selection of wine. Easily the best restaurant in Minnesota, in regards to food quality, and service!! Not only is the food and wait staff fantastic but they knock it out of the park every single time. It is the only place I'll eat oysters in Minnesota and they are delicious. The fall clam chowder is amazing only Bar Crudo in San Francisico is better.

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The crowd, the space, the food is how it should be and thankfully it is every time man- they say that in Jamaica alot. Impressive as well is that their staff never turns over and only gets better just like a perfect pair of boots. Go there you will love it. Best Special Occasion — I don't even know where to begin describing my experiences at the Oceannaire.

I have been here at least times every year since I moved to the Cities, and on a college student's budget, that is a LOT of money I have parted with. Thus said, I have never had a better value than when we eat here. The Oceannaire is my favorite place to go for birthdays and anniversaries--not just because of the free Baked Alaska we would have ordered it whether it was free or not! As my grandparents live on the Carolina coast, I grew up with very fresh seafood on my visits there, and while most restaurants in the Midwest have amazing steak, I have always found the seafood lacking.

And then I went to the Oceannaire. If not for the white linen tablecloths and dressed up patrons, I would have sworn that I was at a seafood house on the shores of South Carolina--the fish is just that fresh. The crudites eliminate the need for an appetizer in my opinion, though we've always loved the smoked salmon.

You really can get your seafood anyway you want it here. For me, that means a lightly seared ahi tuna with blackening and blue cheese butter. It just melts in your mouth. The matchstick fries are crispy and plentiful; they also happen to be one of the cheapest sides on the menu. Strangely enough, even after stuffing yourself with seafood order a side or two and take home half of your fish so you can relive the experience for lunch the next day , there is always room for Baked Alaska. Now, I have had the Baked Alaska for four years, and just about every time I come there is a new ice cream in the center on top of a luscious cake whose flavor cannot be described as anything else but "".

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It is encased in a mountain of creamy marshmallow before being doused with Bacardi rum and light on fire. My best advice is to let it burn off the alcohol as long as possible. The Oceannaire is a must! Best seafood — The Oceanaire is an exceptionally classy restaurant. The seafood is a bit expensive, but well worth it. Portions are generous, especially the side dishes. I would recommend reservations. Best Seafood in town!!!!! You will feel out of place men with less than dockers and a collared shirt! It had some of the best seafood I've had in awhile.

Prices are a bit high but well worth the quality and quantity of food you get! Make sure you get their speciality for desert; Baked Alaska! You don't find that very often. Cherry nut ice cream surrounded by a marshmallow type exterior that is drizzled with rum at table side and lit on fire to brown the the marshmallow.

I had the buramudi sp for dinner. It was awesome!!! Their wine list is pretty good but way less than I expected for this quality of restaurant. A very nice place and located within the Hyatt at the base of Nicollet Ave. Awesome Steaks — Great Food and Service. A group of us went out and had a awesome time enjoying steaks and handmade cocktails. The food was incredible the price was even better, we were so impressed we are going to make this our monthly group destination.

The Cowboy Ribeye was cooked to perfection, the Tater Tot's were incredible. Their desserts are made fresh daily and wow can you tell! The Lemon Drops were the best I've ever had, our group tried the new classic cocktails and they were out of this world

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  6. Oceanaire coupons minneapolis
    Oceanaire coupons minneapolis
    Oceanaire coupons minneapolis
    Oceanaire coupons minneapolis
    Oceanaire coupons minneapolis
    Oceanaire coupons minneapolis
    Oceanaire coupons minneapolis
    Oceanaire coupons minneapolis

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