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This is very easy to navigate and gives ample info you need. If you are looking for the top management exams that are held in India, this article will surely help you. Good score in this test can help candidate to avail admission in any type of Management programs which is approved by AICTE.

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Indices and surds. Introduction to Indices and Surds Solved Examples on Indices and Surds Efficient Techniques Arithmetic Progressions Geometric Progressions Solved Examples on Geometric Progressions Introduction to Calendars Solved Examples on Calendars Clocks Data Interpretation. Introduction to Data Interpretation Bar Graphs Line Graphs Pie Charts Tables Data Sufficiency.

Data Sufficiency: Part 1 Data Sufficiency: Part 2 Logical Reasoning 1: Coding Decoding. Solved Examples on Coding Decoding Logical Reasoning 2: Direction Sense. Solved Examples on Direction Sense Logical Reasoning 3: Blood Relation. Solved Examples on Blood Relation Logical Reasoning 4: Series.

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Solved Examples on Series Logical Reasoning 5: Venn-Diagram. Solved Examples on Venn-Diagram Logical Reasoning 6: Visual Reasoning.

Introduction to Visual Reasoning Solved Examples on Visual Reasoning Logical Reasoning 7: Cubes. Cubes: Part 1 Cubes: Part 2 Cubes: Part 3 Logical Reasoning 8: Calendars. Introduction to Calendars Problems Logical Reasoning 9 : Syllogism. Introduction to Syllogism Solved Examples on Syllogism Logical Reasoning Analogy. Solved Examples on Analogy Logical Reasoning Odd Man Out.

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Solved Examples on Odd Man Out Logical Reasoning Arrangements. Linear Arrangements Circular Arrangements Complex Arrangements Understanding Venn diagrams and logs is made so much easier with this extensive module that will help you deal with any concepts and questions you are struggling with. Learn how to effectively deal with and solve advanced questions on lines, angles, triangles and polygons. Increase your probability of excelling with this one of a kind module that covers everything you need to know.

Bring your comprehensive skills up to par with your competitors so that you have the best chances to outdo others. Discover the intricacies of linguistics and learn the structural rules without which advanced communication in English would be impossible.

Build a strong vocabulary with this specific course that covers association method, prefixes, suffixes and roots. This module adds to your reasoning ability and will deal with high- level concepts and actual questions that will help solve the related questions.

This module will sensitize you to different components of Critical Reasoning and strategies to deal with different types of CR questions like paradox, reasoning, wrong assumption etc. Learn all about data interpretation with the help of this meticulously designed course. Improve your analytical abilities and overall power with this one of kind module that will clear all your concepts and let you answer questions promptly and correctly. Solve a bulk of analytical reasoning questions by understanding numerous basic to advanced level concepts of coding and decoding.

Learn various tips and tricks to solve problems on blood relations and direction.

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