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I would like to receive the latest restaurant reviews, recipes and food trend every week, by email. Update newsletter preferences. Chris Terry. Hiding behind the distinctly pedestrian name of this chicken joint is all the whizz and know-how of the Soho House group. The edges of the pizza pie here are chewy but yielding, charred and slightly salty, and might just be the best bit. In the middle, show them off with a simple but satisfying margherita topping, featuring fior di latte mozzarella and proper chunks of basil.

Wrapped up in a freshly baked flatbread, this kebab tops its falafel with hummus, garlic toum, pickled chard and that trusty chilli sauce. Unfortunately, they're not open at 3am. The Classic bao comes out on top with braised pork, pickled veg and crushed peanuts. No soup, but the bowl of noodles comes topped with slices of seared chashu pork belly, bamboo shoots, an onsen egg, seaweed and more.

Bocca di Lupo has been living la dolce vita for 10 years now, satisfying pre and post theatre appetites with perfect bowls of pasta and more. Aloha from Island Poke, where healthy eating is the life of the luau. Poke, the Hawaii-hailing dish of diced raw fish, is having quite the moment in London, and Island Poke are here to party.

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House bowls include an ahi tuna shoyu bowl, served with sushi rice, pineapple chilli salsa, seaweed, crispy shallots and spring onion. An authentic Parisian style brasserie hidden under the hubbub of Piccadilly Circus, to walk into here is to be transported a few hundred miles under the channel. Even if the food isn't always up to par, it's all about atmosphere here.

When you do, pick up a bourbon buffalo burger, featuring a mock chicken patty in a sticky sweet buffalo sauce, with ranch dressing and gherkins, all in a charcoal brioche bun. You won't miss the meat for a minute. This tapas bar from the Hart Brothers still floats the boat of anyone longing for the Costa Brava.

Madrid is calling, but we're quite happy here thank you very much. One of the stars at this Spanish sensation is the truffled mushroom canelones, which comes laced drenched in a creamy Parmesan cheese sauce. All fillings are great, but vegetarians can get very excited over the three mushroom, water chestnut and kow choi option. Looking for something to warm your trotters on a cold day? Shoryu serves food for the soul in the form of its creamy bowls of tonkotsu ramen, a pork broth noodle soup stewed for 12 hours. A contender for the best breakfast in London, this is a bacon sandwich to be reckoned with.

Vegans need junk food too. Hackney favourites Temple of Seitan, who now have a second spot in Camden, provide some of the most fervently lauded fried chicken alternatives in the capital. For such an alarmingly named restaurant, Flesh and Buns is a pretty pleasant place to spend an hour or two. Flash the flesh with a portion of Korean fried chicken wings, which come sticky, sweet and and sprinkled with sesame. Following on from the success of The Palomar, sister restaurant The Barbary took the party from Jerusalem to the Barbary coast.

Get on it at On the Bab, where this Korean restaurant serves up street food designed to be enjoyed with a drink or two. This Japanese restaurant largely sells yakitori meat and fish skewers, but make sure you have room for a sweet something — namely the ginger ice cream with miso caramel, that comes topped with sweet potato crisps and black sesame praline. You get a lot of bang for your burger with this one, which features two mustard-fried beef patties, Dead Hippie sauce, cheese, pickles and minced onions.

This ceviche includes hunks of seabass cured in a citrus marinade and served with sweet potato, red onion, Andean corn and cancha corn nuts. Scoops of bone marrow are served with freshly baked sourdough and a caper and parsley salad — simple but divine. Fortunately it doesn't taste that way. This BBQ joint has gone from street cart to Shoreditch sensation in its time and this is arguably the dish that did it all. Propping up the butter-varnished bun of this immensely popular dish stacked slices of smoked, treacly beef brisket, garnished with pickled red chillies.

Providing a very contemporary take on a London cheap eats classic, Young Vegans makes its pie and mash dishes with — you guessed it — not an animal product in sight. London has some seriously good burger game, so where do you start? Spiced soya pieces are topped with homemade hummus, soya yoghurt tzatziki and of course, chilli sauce, before getting wrapped up in freshly baked bread with salad.

If your budget is about as thin as you like your pizzas, Pizza Union is here for you. They serve up a variety of boiled and pan fried dumplings and noodles. For a fiery fix, pick up a bowl of prawn wontons served with lashings of peppery Sichuan chilli oil. Specialising in the French-Vietnamese fusion food, sandwich bar Keu stuffs fluffy white baguettes with a variety of largely meaty fillings spiced with Asian flavours. Carnivores should make a beeline for the classic, which is stuffed with mortadella sausage, chicken liver pate, spicy pork belly, ham terrine and pork floss.

One of the best in the vegan business is Club Mexicana, who cook up seriously good Mexican food without a meat or dairy product in sight. Get your chops round their surprisingly meaty jackfruit tacos and marvel at the baja tofish manages to be tofu and not fish. The 24 hour bagel shops of Brick Lane are veritable legend among foodies and night owls alike, providing sustenance without nonsense and at a very affordable price.

Bagel Shop next door, the one with the orange sign, is absolutely just as good and often has shorter queues. The Napoli-hailing restaurant serves up a super thin, soft base, perfectly charred underneath and boasting a gloriously authentically tomato sauce on top. The marinara adds just olive oil, garlic and oregano, while the margherita sports gooey mozzarella, flown in from Campania especially for this perfect pizza moment. Street food connoisseur KERB is a jewel in London's cheap eats crown, now running multiple markets hosting a rotating roster of innovative food stalls.

Bian Dang is one of them, cooking up Taiwanese chicken marinated in garlic soy and fried in sweet potato flour. Breast strips are then served with pickles, rice, a choice of sauce and a marbled tea egg. It might not be a full meal but diving into the arroz negro at Camino tapas bar is a pretty good way to start. The sharing dish is a signature one at the mini-chain and consists of a silky bowl of cuttlefish-dotted rice, blackened with squid ink and topped with aioli.

For sweet something, Ruby Violet has some very cool offerings. The ice cream parlour serves up handmade, small-batch ice creams and sorbets, rotating through myriad wonderful and occasionally weird flavours. Alongside the likes of chocolate and strawberry, there are scoops of horseradish, beetroot, and there's even a gin and tonic sorbet that's Caravan can do a lot of things and do them very well, from breakfast to supper-time snacking. Veggies are well represented, but be sure to pick up a plate of San Simon cheese and jamon croquettes, served with saffron aioli.

When it comes to humble restaurant beginnings, selling pies in your front garden has to be one of the most charming. A crystal clear soup quite different to the eponymous pork broth it also sells this ramen is simultaneously hearty, fiery and refreshing — the ultimate winter warmer.

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If you find yourself battling a sugar craving, you could do much worse than diving into Maitre Choux. The selection of street food vendors at Camden Market seems to get better by the day. Newcomer Lords of Poke is offering a little light relief among all the naughty treats on offer in the form of its raw-ingredient-packed poke. Its signature dish, the Lords Bowl tops rice with sustainably caught spicy Korean tuna, kimchi, pineapple, seaweed, edamame, pickled ginger, sesame carrot and kimchi cucumbers.

American cuisine may not be acclaimed for its refinement, but it can certainly hit the spot on a budget. Enamoured with a deep south favourite, Bird opened in London to become the first dedicated fried chicken and waffles house in the capital. Fried chicken? Or curry? The chicken katsu curry continues to charm Londoners who want all of the comfort food, and Japanese Canteen serves it for just within budget.

The rice in this donburi dish comes topped with crunchy fried chicken breast, mushrooms and carrots, slathered in curry sauce and sprinkled with zingy house pickles. We know there's a lot of pizza on this list, but this one is a little bit different. The even better news? They serve them days a year at Camden Market. Still hungry? This gelato parlour concocts its frozen desserts using a liquid nitro process, producing atypical flavours ranging from burnt butter caramel to tonka bean.

The Killer Marshmallow Cone heats things up by allowing you to enjoy your scoop of choice with a blow torched homemade mammoth marshmallow on top. Vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike need to get themselves to a Horn OK Please stall on the double. The meat-free Indian street food sensation serves up seriously satisfying fare, including this superlative dosa dish. A crisp but yielding moong bean dosa is freshly cooked to order, and then wrapped around a spiced potato filling.

It's served alongside a delicious chana chaat, a spiced chickpea salad topped with yoghurt and sprinklings of pomegranate and sev. The dish can also easily be made vegan on request. Have you ever had goat? This eastern Mediterranean staple continues to be much underused in western Europe, but is succulent and flavourful in the right hands. Get into goat with the free-range kid goat kofta, which comes with tzatziki and chilli salsa, all wrapped in a flatbread from E5 Bakehouse. El Pastor comes from restaurateurs Sam and Eddie Hart Barrafina, Quo Vadis, Fino , and its signature dish is so good, the restaurant is named after it.

A veritable legend of London street food, this is one hot hot dog. Spanish food merchant and tapas maestro Brindisa keeps things simple and lets the sausage do the talking. Its Borough location features a dedicated chorizo grill, which sizzles its own excellent version of the Spanish signature meat, and serves it in a roll with piquillo pepper and rocket. When it comes to simple pleasures, a good fry up has few rivals in the food world.

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The Breakfast Club know the power of a bountiful breakfast is strong, so they serve it until 5pm everyday. Shoreditch-originating Santo Remedio moved house last year to a new spot on Tooley Street. Succulent and earthy, the barbecued meat is served with pasilla chilli and topped with striking slices of watermelon radish which gets its name from its bright pink centre , two at a time.

Welcome to Beso London

This restaurant dedicates itself to two things: cooking Turkish-influenced food in a traditional mangal oven and the delights of heavy metal music, which can frequently be heard over the sound system. Big is the operative word at Roast To Go, the Borough Market side gig of Sunday lunch specialist Roast, where sarnies come packed with your pick of meat. A particularly eye-widening affair is the roast pork belly, which sees meat topped with Bramley apple sauce and crackling inside a sourdough roll.

Since opening in , Padella has garnered fame and acclaim for serving up pretty perfect pasta at piccolo prices. Kappacasein is actually a dairy, where owner William Oglethorpe produces an Ogleshield cheese which boasts the ideal melt for a toastie. Succulent nuggets of pork are placed into a grilled flatbread at this Greek street food restaurant, and topped with tomato, red onion and herbs. Tzatziki is your classic souvlaki sauce of choice, but The Athenian mix it up with their must-try signature mustard and honey dressing, made with a secret herb blend.

Be honest, do you have to resist the urge to order pad thai every time you step into a Thai restaurant? They then come served up with fresh potato salad and pickled red cabbage slaw. Saved room for pudding? This wood-fired pizza spot has gone from street food sensation to a restaurant of its own on Waterloo Road. Get a little mischievous with the Cheeky Bro, which comes topped with both mozzarella and scamorza cheese, spring onions and slithers of guanciale, an Italian cured meat made with pig jowl or cheek, geddit? The ultimate dish here combines both: a cheeseburger comes topped with a choice of gravy dipped meat and all the trimmings, sandwiched in a toasted brioche bun.

Bistro Mirey may not always get the recognition it deserves, but its steak tartare is certainly something to shout about. The summation of chefs Gerald Mirey and Ko Ito French-Japanese mash-up, the dish is a delightful mix of Californian beef bavette, fresh edamame, black sesame, ginger and sriracha chilli sauce.

Perfect simplicity. This is fried chicken, but not as the Colonel knows it. Chinatown favourite Good Friend Chicken takes the Taiwanese approach to the fast food favourite: it marinades its chicken breast, slices it into super thin schnitzel-style steaks, flattens and tosses it in three flours before frying.

The result is super crispy chicken, which is then dusted with your choice of flavoured powder, which ranges from plum to seaweed. This Middle Eastern-inspired barbecue joint opened an Exmouth Market location dedicated to shawarma kebabs, basically last year, wrapping well-fired filling in grilled pita. The lamb version comes with harissa and sumac onions, while vegetarians are extremely well catered for with the cauliflower shawarma, which comes with tahini and pomegranate seeds. First things first, this is definitely a side dish.

Super thin slices of potato end up buttery soft inside their well-fried coating, angularly shaped for maximum crunch. Do not forget these off your order — or swing by at a rare quiet moment and ask for these with a glass of red wine. You'll be in and out in no time, but it'll be heavenly.

The pad thai is picante, but spice maniacs should head straight for the pad kee mao, a drunken noodles-style dish served with aubergines, mushroom and an eye-watering amount of chilli. Both of these can be made both vegetarian and vegan. It may be the little sister of Exmouth Market legend Moro, but Morito can hold its own with the big kids.

Cretan chef Marianna Leivaditaki is at the helm, creating beautiful dishes packed with aromatic herbs and perfectly pitched spices for her mezze menu. Further celebrations shall follow. Book now to taste complete splendour at our Covent Garden restaurant for the finest experience! We offer an Italian authentic experience with modern touches and contemporary design, our Menu is derived from different regions of Italy to Spain and we bring together the best of both worlds, from our home made pastas of Italy and Galician Octopus from Spain you can find something for all at Beso, we also have vegan and vegetarian options for our guests to enjoy.

View The Full Menu. Did you know the Beatles used to eat in our restaurant when they were around Covent Garden and Soho? They were not only enjoying their nice food but also taking some notes about the songs and lyrics they were talking about!

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View The Full Page. Sitting on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Neal street, Beso has three distinct areas — The stunning Mosaic Majorelle Garden table and bar on the ground floor where you can walk in for cocktails and Mediterranean bites. The hidden caves and wine cellar will take you on a journey through past and present memories of the old medinas and the smell of freshly ground spices. Make a Reservation. Available from pm to pm and pm to pm. Magnificent food! The flavours in the food were magnificent. Friendly and Prompt service! The food was very good, we had the very interesting dish fried chickpeas which was delicious.

Also the lamb cutlets was very tasty.

Restaurant deals mayfair
Restaurant deals mayfair
Restaurant deals mayfair
Restaurant deals mayfair
Restaurant deals mayfair

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