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ProFlowers in Grand Rapids, Michigan - How to pay and false pictures of what is for sale

It didn't state in their website that the flowers would be delivered in a box via FedEx, so I assumed the shipping charges were for the usual delivery of the finished arrangement. I complained and they gave me a full refund, but the flowers were already out for shipping. So the recipient would be getting the flowers regardless.

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She won't be getting the "wow moment" of seeing the arrangement being brought to her, but at least she'll get a nice arrangement, or so I thought. I've enclosed an image from the website of what I ordered and what she actually received. Although they gave me a refund, it's not about the money. It's about creating that special moment.

I consider this false advertisement up to a certain extent. This was the letter I wrote to their customer service - still no response: "I can't begin to express how disappointed I am in your service. I had ordered 2 Mother's Day floral arrangements and had the order confirmation.

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I received no other communications to find on Mother's Day When I was out of the country that the orders were somehow deleted from your system. When I inquired, your service responded not to worry, your cc won't be billed. A gesture on a special day was lost, leaving 2 incredible women without the attention they deserve. Further, you have made no efforts to try to make this right. I am appalled by the order errors, but even more so by your lack of caring.

This Mother's Day, I received a box of dead flowers from Proflowers as a gift. Contact with them resulted in their offering me a store coupon for any of their related companies. I received two separate emails from customer service making the same offer which I accepted in a timely manner. They then emailed me with a confirmation that the store coupon would arrive via email. After 3 days, I contacted them again as I had no email coupon.

A third customer service employee advised me that there would be no store coupon and the sender had been reimbursed instead. This would have seemed fine with me except that I already had two offers confirmed for my coupon to replace the dead flowers and this is now a rather dishonest resolution. I informed the sender to check on the refund as I had my doubts at this point. The sender contacted me because not only had they not received a refund but now had been charged twice for the cost of the gift by Proflowers.

This took another contact to resolve and further adds to their disreputable style of doing business. A fourth Proflowers customer service employee has contacted me again to state they regret the "confusion" but I would say this is a little more than simple confusion - it is very poor business methods, an incompetent customer service staff along with being a company with questionable integrity when they cannot honor an offer made twice.

Proflowers states that they are here for us 24 hours, 7 days a week, which is good because you really need to be able to reach this company if you plan to do any business with them or their related companies. I would reconsider any dealings with this company and if you do have any, expect poor quality and false offers. Be very careful when ordering from ProFlowers especially if for a special occasion, not only can they not get things correct, they are NOT willing to correct their mistakes. The delivery came but instead of the 3 dozen roses, we only received 18 in a different vase looks like the Elegant Ruby Vase.

I am very upset as I was looking to get the 3 dozen roses for my 3 year anniversary. I am not sure what exactly I need to do in order to get through to you! After you completely failed to deliver my order correctly, you then proceed to schedule a delivery for NEXT WEEK when I clearly stated below that I wanted the original correct order to be delivered today! At this point, I would like nothing but a full refund of my order. I would not use these guys again. I tried them once and the flowers looked like they were left-over from a funeral home. Though I sent a polite note to them, they didn't even have the courtesy to respond.

See your local florist; besides, you won't get clipped for the extreme shipping and handling charges ProFlowers charged. Paid it and was satisfied with how simple and easy the process was. I immediately called and emailed to cancel the order. Was told I'd have to wait business days for my refund. First of all, you can take my money in 2. But wait, there's more. I have called and sent emails. I placed a Mother's Day flower arrangement order and selected a florists choice option and selected delivery for the Friday before Mother's Day.

I paid quite a bit extra for the "rush" delivery. I rec'd an email later that afternoon from ProFlowers saying that the arrangement I requested was no longer available and asked me to make another selection. They gave me some preselected options, one of which, coincidentally was the florists choice the original selection I made. I went ahead and made this selection, again, and received a confirming email that it was received and the order was being processed. Friday, Saturday, Sunday rolled around and no delivery was made.

I spoke to a rep who stated that the reason the flowers weren't delivered is because there wasn't an available a local florist in the area that could fill the order. Why in the world would this not have been brought to my attention when the order was placed, or at least very shortly after, so I could have made other arrangements? Needless to say, my mother-in-law was left with no card, no gift, empty handed on Mother's Day. This was totally unacceptable and very bad business. I will never use ProFlowers again! Oh, but my story goes on After emailing their customer service department about my experience, they had the nerve to write back and apologize and say, We apologize for your bad experience with our company.

With that being said, we have refunded the total amount of your purchase. We hope this rectifies any outstanding problems. Of course they are going to refund my money, the services were never provided. Not only that, had they told me a florist in the area was not available, I could have made other arrangements. When I replied with that response, they wrote back saying, "we apologize for the disappointment and would like to rectify the problem immediately by sending a replacement order, courtesy of our team, at no charge to you".

I thought to myself, finally, some good customer service. I took the time to write them back with the info they requested, name of person to deliver to, address, phone number, day of delivery, flowers I wanted delivered, card note, etc. Believe it or not, yep, I got another response from them saying, "we apologize for the disappointment. Are you serious!? What in the world is going on over there? So, I guess that means, no flowers are being delivered after all. Needless to say, they have defeated me and I no longer have the energy.

Rather, I responded that I would write up my review online so others can decide if they wanted to use this company for their flower orders to their loved ones. It's called ripping people off aka taking advantage of people. It is not okay. I ordered what appeared to be a beautiful bouquet of flowers and was really excited for my Mother to receive them, then on Mother's Day I get a text with a picture of the flowers she received and I was very upset It's not the price that makes me upset, it's the poor quality.

The flowers didn't even have all the flowers that the picture online showed not to mention the petals were falling off after only one day. I highly recommend that you do not waste your time and money on this I recently received a dozen roses from my boyfriend who ordered from Flowers and they were absolutely beautiful, just an idea people.

On Monday morning, I was surprised to receive a box of flowers from him. I opened them up and put them in a vase, took pictures and sent them to him. He immediately messaged me back saying that isn't what he ordered! Even worse, not even 24 hours later, all 8 roses have started to wilt and point downward. I didn't have the heart to tell him, but I DID call customer service and complain.

They gave my son a FULL refund. So not worth it. In the end, it's the thought that counts, but this is the second time this has happened with this company last year when my daughter sent me birthday flowers. So they have lost my family as customers.

First of all the price quoted wasn't the price I ended up paying. The roses arrived half wilted. And as for the box of chocolate, it was a little box with only 4 pieces and they weren't tasty. I will stick with flowers. I bought two Living Social discounts for ProFlowers.

But I had a problem ordering flowers for two different people in two different states. The second discount did not show on the confirmation of the second order. I immediately emailed ProFlowers and explained what happened. They got back to me with a lame excuse that ProFlowers did not allow two discounts on orders. I explained again that it was two different orders, but got the same scripted response about company policy not allowing two discounts. So, I decided to call and was told the same thing by a customer representative. Instead of blowing up, I explained very carefully that there was a big problem here.

Living Social cannot offer these discounts without ProFlowers permission. If they did not want customers to get two discount vouchers, they had to make that clear with Living Social. I explained that I was going to contact BB, Consumer Affairs, and my credit card company to cease payment. I also told the representative that I know she did not make policy, but that something had to be done to address this injustice. She, at first, said there was nothing she could do.

But I persisted. I did not yell or get angry. She changed her mood. She said she would see what she could do.

Proflowers deals living social

At the end, she refunded my money and I was happy. I guess the best thing to do with these thieving companies is to not assume that their representatives agree with the company. Treat them with respect and politeness. It may get you similar positive results. On , I ordered flowers for my Mother for Mother's Day. They were supposed to deliver the flowers on , and to my surprise no flowers, no note, not even a call back. I have used this site to order flowers before and they did do a good job in the past.

I am waiting for a response or my money returned.

Proflowers deals living social

I ordered the deluxe version of tulips and iris to my mom. The pics speak for themselves. I Ordered two bouquets to be delivered to my mother-in-law and one for my mom for Mother's Day and they both looked awful! My distress started when I got a shipping notification on my mother-in-law's order saying her order had been picked up by FedEx in IL. She lives in WI!

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Why is FedEx delivering flowers? I was in a panic. But thought, it will be fine. They will look ok. Well, I was totally wrong to think that. Some were crushed. Most were wilted, and looked like they'd been through the wringer for sure! I was so sad! I was devastated and embarrassed when I saw them.

ProFlowers Reviews in Grand Rapids, Michigan

And I didn't cheap out on them, but it certainly looked like I did! The quality of the flowers are terrible! And they are handled with ZERO care! But that's what could be expected from FedEx flower delivery, not from a local florist which I thought was going to be the case! They give local florists the order to fill and the quality is beautiful!!! I'm sure this place has a nasty warehouse of laborer with zero floral experience putting these sick, wilted, dead flower arrangements together and letting FedEx crush them to make it even worse!

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Top reviews. Most helpful. Filter by: Any. Page 55 Reviews - Original review: Aug. Original review: July 13, Went to ProFlowers Website to order flowers for my daughter's birthday. Original review: July 9, I ordered a floral arrangement for an out of state funeral. Original review: June 30, I ordered the arrangement providing all nec. How do I know I can trust these reviews about ProFlowers? We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.

Original review: June 30, I won a Original review: June 23, I ordered the flowers for my wife who is currently staying in another city. Original review: June 18, My son sent flowers unfortunately from ProFlowers for my birthday which is also Mother's Day. Cut your spending further with a Living Social coupon.

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