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I hope that an arrangement could be worked out where one could reasonably lease the land where the bins reside for a longer term than if the bins were purchased and not moved. Myers: Think long term as you work in the short term. Do you want these bins for the next 40 years? Will they seamlessly integrate into your current setup of rotations and sites while allowing for future additions? Would you be better off with one 40,bushel bin instead of two 20,bushel bins? From a financial standpoint, a partial budget comparing added costs and reduced returns against added returns and reduced costs may help in this consideration.

There are some distinct advantages to having some of your core infrastructure physically separated, especially in case of a disaster such as fire or tornado. According to the Ohio Farm Custom Rates bulletin, average cost to rent bin space would run 4 cents per month or 24 cents per year of use time. Both are negotiable, of course.

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Renting them on a yearly basis would be half as much and make more economic sense in most scenarios. To me, this would be the way to go for a few years while you explore the cost and labor involved in moving them in relation to your overall farm business plan. Jar sealers and caps come in two sizes to fit both wide mouth and regular mouth jars. Note that you need the correct size jar sealer to match your jars.

Storage Caps.

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If you want or need to skip the FoodSaver part, Ball makes a storage cap. That also comes in two sizes depending on jar size. Storage Bags.

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Check out seller FoodVacBags on Amazon for bags that are compatible with your machine. For all grain brewers, bulk grain storage goes hand in hand with milling your own grain. Let us know! Submit a Tip. Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Stackable for efficient space use. Large opening, Airtight lid. Clear base.


Easy access opening. Lid spins on and off. Made of FDA approved food grade plastic. BPA free.

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